About Us

Who are we?

Emrepiliç was founded in 1996. The company produces around 130 million hatching eggs annually in its own facilities.These facilities are located in Bolu, Ankara and Kocaeli provinces. Emrepiliç has been awarded the “Turkish Champion on Broiler Hatching Eggs Export” three years in a row. The main reasons behind this succes are the high level of quality and well planned Services.

What we do?

Emrepiliç does not own any slaughtering house. The company is focusing solely on producing high quality hatching eggs and healthy day old chicks. While a big part of its production is dedicated to export markets, the rest of the eggs are incubated in one of its 2 hatcheries in order to provide its customers located in the Turkish market with healthy day-old chicks.

How we do it?

Emrepiliç has been focusing on Parent Stock management for a long time. Management team has a huge experiences and they are able to reflect this experience on to the field. The company is also very strict on bio-security rules applied. Therfore, no concession is made on the quality of its products.