Welcome to Emre Piliç

Emrepiliç, who has been awarded as the “Turkish Champion on Broiler Hatching Eggs Export” for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, was founded in 1996. Emrepiliç is expected to receive this award again in coming years. Emrepiliç produces around 130 million hatching eggs annually in its own facilities, which are located in Bolu, Ankara and Kocaeli provinces. While a big part of its production is dedicated to export markets, the rest of the eggs are incubated in one of its 2 hatcheries in order to provide its customers located in the Turkish market with healthy day-old chicks. The main reasons of the rapid growth of Emrepiliç in the international markets are high quality and regular supply. Emrepiliç is already exporting to 16 different countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa regions. The company is aiming to increase its international market shares as well as its international brand recognition. With its 300 employees work force, it is obvious that the company will be increasing its exports in the coming years.